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Welcome to StaffingGenius®, a proud member of Genius Group. Our understanding of the global market, businesses and individuals, enables us to deliver seamless and comprehensive staffing and recruitment solutions which will help you to reach and hire the best professionals and talents around the world. 


StaffingGenius® enables high performance for our clients’ business operations through its extensive outsourcing management services. Our experience and capabilities make us leaders in application outsourcing, infrastructure outsourcing, business… details 

Candidate Management

In order to transact a successful recruitment campaign of permanent, temporary or contracted staff, it is crucial that each stage of the process is expertly managed. If you have managed a volume recruitment campaign before, you’ll be familiar with the… details 

Human Capital Consulting

As your company grows, so does the challenge to maintain proactive and strategic talent acquisition processes. StaffingGenius® stays on the cutting-edge of the industry, so leave it up to our human capital management solutions to show you the way. With… details 

Job Advertising

At StaffingGenius® we can advertise your vacancy across a large network of the top-performing online job boards. Helping you to attract the best talent through the best possible exposure. Our customised online job advertising packages take… details 

Recruitment Assessment

Our assessment tools, including assessment and selection services, will save you time, whilst ensuring a seamless candidate experience and total consistency on all selection decisions. StaffingGenius® is able to help source and redesign or design… details 

Recruitment Attraction

Start as you mean to go on with graduate recruitment marketing for entry level roles that is based as much on the rigour of campaign analysis, as it is on the imagination of our creatives. Whether you’re looking for a greater quantity of applications… details 

Training and Development

As a professional recruitment services provider, StaffingGenius® also offers professional business training and development services, designed to aid in the development of employees through structured education. We offer your business… details 

Workforce Management

Our workforce management solutions deliver insight, enabling businesses to enhance customer service, efficiently deploy staff, and increase productivity. Additionally, financial institutions can fulfil documentation requirements, achieve a higher… details 

About StaffingGenius®

As a proud member of Genius Group – one of the largest and most comprehensive professional service providers – StaffingGenius® is a leading name within the staffing and recruitment industry. We have built our reputation on our specialist consultative approach to staffing and human resources management. Our understanding of the global market, businesses and individuals, enables us to deliver seamless and comprehensive recruitment solutions which will help you to reach and hire the best professionals and talents around the world.

If your business is looking for more effective ways to find and manage talent, we can help you solve your most critical human capital challenges. Furthermore, our specialised professional business lines allow us to provide our services in a more targeted way, across a number of different industries and sectors. We offer a variety of temporary, contract and permanent recruitment solutions, along with other client services such as business process outsourcing, candidate management, human capital consulting, job advertising, recruitment assessment, recruitment attraction, training and development, and workforce management.

At StaffingGenius® we are impassioned about what we do, and offer our clients personalised attention and support. We understand that clients, like candidates, have a multitude of various recruiting options from which to choose. Our clients from different sectors choose us because of our commitment to the selection process. We are dedicated to excellence in service delivery, have expert market knowledge, and a commitment to working with you every step of the way. If like us, you’re committed to achieving long-term professional goals, you need a recruitment partner like StaffingGenius® that listens and understands.  


Why choose StaffingGenius®?

  • We implement sound strategies
  • We hire only the best recruiters
  • We deliver the best results
  • We are fast and reliable
  • We clearly demonstrate value
  • We connect you to the best people

Our Vision, Mission and Values

As an integral part of Genius Group, StaffingGenius® is multicultural and multinational, with local and global connections. We use our connections on every continent to provide the best service to our clients.


We strive to be the only source for all of your staffing and recruitment requirements.


Our mission is to provide the world’s best and most comprehensive professional staffing and recruitment services that help businesses excel throughout the global marketplace.


StaffingGenius®  / Genius Group pledges to abide by its moral code of ethical practices in all corporate and social activities. We hold ourselves accountable in providing the highest standards of service and open communication. We ensure that all our staff members are devoted to the same standards of integrity and common values.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility as well as the incorporation of public interest into the company’s decision-making processes is deeply rooted in Genius’ philosophy. We strive to honour the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit – the values and criteria for measuring sustainable and beneficial social, environmental and economic practices. StaffingGenius®  / Genius Group and its employees are actively involved in community projects. We are also committed to reducing our ecological footprint and caring for the planet. Even above our commercial activities, StaffingGenius® / Genius Group places momentous emphasis on our corporate social responsibilities.

Excellent Service
Partnering in business with StaffingGenius®  / Genius Group is synonymous with an outstanding customer experience. Genius Group has long been renowned for its exceptional service. We listen to our clients, anticipate and meet their needs, understand their core values and world views and help them achieve excellence.

Pioneering Spirit
StaffingGenius® / Genius Group is driven by a thirst for knowledge and the courage to explore unchartered waters. We will not only live up to our reputation as a leading innovator in the field but also strive to enhance it. Our corporate approach and management style embraces brave decision-making, facing challenges, adapting to change, implementing cutting-edge technology and resources, and cultivating new ideas.

We are a family of individual talents that can meet the challenges of a culturally diverse business arena comprising many localities. Our employees are proud and confident to be key players in a winning team that shares a common mission, vision, and set of values. We are proud to be part of a company that not only talks the talk but also walks the walk.

We are transparent in our transactions and dialogues with clients, suppliers, and employees. Transparency and honesty are the only means to earn trust, foster long-term business partners, and maintain corporate integrity.

Genius Work Process (GWP)

At Genius Group and across all its subsidiaries including StaffingGenius® we believe that excellent results are achieved when strategic imperatives, work systems and methods are integrated into a single process. We call this unique work system the ‘Genius Work Process,’ or simply GWP, and it is used as an intelligent way to drive our organisational mission.

In GWP, we combine the expertise of our members to achieve outstanding results in the most efficient way. For example, if you need to register or establish a business in any specific country, our member companies act together to provide a complete solution: ConsultingGenius® consults you on all aspects of establishing or registering a business in your chosen country; LegalGenius® prepares the application to open a business, and quickly registers it on your behalf; AccountingGenius® helps your newly registered business to obtain a business bank account, VAT registration, and provides all kinds of essential accounting support; StaffingGenius® finds in-house employees or contractors to make your business run smoothly; DesignGenius® creates a professional and eye-catching website, brands your business, and designs the logo; TechnologyGenius® optimises your website for better online traffic and provides essential IT support and advice; MarketingGenius® offers marketing solutions and the tools needed to sell your products in your target marketplace thereby increasing sales; and TranslationGenius® helps you to break any language barriers, aiding worldwide expansion.

GWP allows premium level services to be delivered by the best professionals in their fields, who ensure that even the most complex work processes are presented in the most straightforward way and thereby give our customers the best possible experience. For this reason, as a part of our adopted GWP process, we carry out all work using the most sophisticated project management solutions. We are always available, and you will have one single dedicated Project Coordinator. Your single point of contact will coordinate between our eight Group members in order to lead your project to the best possible outcomes in a timely manner.


Are you looking for a challenging position with global growth potential?

At StaffingGenius® we’re looking for geniuses  – smart, driven recruitment specialists who will help us offer the most sophisticated and reliable services, enabling our clients to compete and succeed in the global market.

As a part of Genius Group – one of the largest  professional service providers – at StaffingGenius®, we are committed to helping you succeed both professionally and personally. We offer a comprehensive benefits scheme and a wide range of professional development programmes. You will have the opportunity to be part of a team that values people of all cultures, race, religion, nationality and ethnicity, regardless of gender identity and/or expression of sexual orientation.

If you are a professional recruiter with a minimum of two years experience, and believe that you’re one of the best in your field, please email your CV to along with a covering letter and the contact details of two references. Should you match our requirements, we will immediately contact you to take part in a further qualification process.

Seize the opportunity, put your passion for excellence to work, and become part of StaffingGenius® .

Global Headquarters

StaffingGenius® / Genius Group
145-157 St John Street
London EC1V 4PW
United Kingdom


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What Customers Say About Us

  • I have been extremely impressed with the work that StaffingGenius® have carried out for us. The consultants are professional, thorough and understand our business needs. The quality of the candidates they have is fantastic, as is their ability to deliver on time. I would recommend StaffingGenius®, especially on posts that are often not straightforward. They have helped us in a number of difficult areas. 
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank StaffingGenius® for the impeccable service they have provided to our company in recent months. In this candidate driven market they continue to provide us with quality staff, a professional service and always keep us informed on the progress of our requirements. We look forward to dealing with StaffingGenius® in our future recruitment needs.