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7 Steps to Posting Vacancies Online

Before paying for the most expensive Job Board under the impression that the cream of the crop will come flooding in, more and more companies are looking at alternative methods to recruit. Maximum coverage doesn’t mean spending thousands of pounds to use a recruitment company or picking and choosing between the seemingly endless list of job boards. A certain level of optimisation is required in the recruitment industry especially if you want to get noticed. Here are 7 things to do before posting a vacancy online.

Here are 7 things to do before posting a vacancy online

1. Strategy

Preparation starts with knowing the role, if you are lucky enough to have an expert in the field then utilise those skills because at the end of the day it’s that person who knows the job on a day to day basis, if not then knowing the role inside out is vital.

2. Where to advertise a job

With tabloid adverts becoming a thing of the past, yellow pages that seems to get smaller every year, and everything else becoming more expensive, we are all looking to alternative methods to do everything. Advertising a job online is simple if it was easy to get to the right people, more coverage means a lot of filtering though so dedicating a good part of your day to working on & understanding a vacancy is vital.

3. Social Media Presence

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg and the endless other social media sites are a great way to showcase vacancies. Keeping people updated online with company activity is good for attracting talent, networking with like minded professionals and posting our job adverts online.

4. Managing the Response

When receiving CVs then it’s important to keep them, setting up an alternative E-mail address for a certain position is a good way to keep record of all CVs if a database system isn’t available. Alternatively companies turn to products like ours to get mass exposure but streamlined management of their online vacancy advertising.

5. Filling your vacancy quickly & effectively

If the position is available the chances are we are losing money in some way. We all want the vacancy filled as soon as possible but don’t want to end up with a giant pile of CVs from irrelevant candidates. As long as we know what we are looking for then finding the right candidate is easy. If we already know these people and can easily manage a steady stream of new applicants. Filling the vacancy will be quick and straightforward.

6. Writing a winning job advert

Our ideal candidate won’t be spending hours trawling through websites and job adverts all day, everybody has the same mentality that is stick to what works. Getting them to apply for the position is a completely different thing so a keyword packed job advert in the right place will guarantee to fill any vacancy. Gone are the days of template job adverts everything has to be specific to now as positions usually change over time.

7. Selecting the right candidates

Filtering can be a long and arduous process especially after spending valuable time meticulously preparing for a response. If the only people that are E-mailing & phoning in aren’t cut from the right cloth then something has gone wrong. Sometimes our ideal candidate doesn’t look right on paper so being open minded and speaking to the candidates in detail on the phone is a great way to gauge each person’s skillset.

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